Listen to our youth

To the Editor,

The callousness of two adult journalists, Rich Lowry “Don’t listen to Greta Thunberg,” and Cal Thomas, “Knowing it all at age 16.”

Lowry, “with very rare exceptions, kids have nothing interesting to say to us.”

Thomas, “As their adolescent brains continue to develop, most teenagers know only what their teachers and textbooks tell them and maybe their parents, if they still listen to them.”

Science textbooks mostly embrace the climate change scenario. Why wouldn’t kids believe?

Here are two adults living in the Dark Ages compared to what today’s 16 year olds know.

Why would they attack a 16 year old for taking up a 21st century crisis?

Sorry Cal Thomas and Rich Lowry and other alike thinkers. I would be more frightened of the president in the Oval Office who calls it a hoax.

As for the future, the world rests in the hands of the 16 year olds.

The solutions from today’s 60 year old and up is how to blow it up.

Steve Kopa



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