McKinley takes on immigration issue

To the Editor,

Hats off to Rep. McKinley for shining the light on the illegal invasion issue and none too soon.

Our PA pals have recently promoted programs to encourage illegals to make PA their new home.

Why should citizens of the Northern Panhandle care? The cost of living in the greater Pittsburgh area is higher than it is here, making our little slice of heaven the perfect destination.

Most illegals do not speak English, have little marketable skills and drain social services at an unsustainable rate with a large part of the budget dedicated to supporting their baby production. Sound harsh and unreasonable? A visit with local law enforcement will reveal all you need to know and shake you to your core.

Just another case of using West Virginia as a dumping ground for other states’ problems? You be the judge.

On the positive side of the ledger, legal immigrants who have gone through the long process of becoming U.S. citizens are a welcome and positive addition to our country.

As you can imagine these folks are some of the strongest critics of illegal invaders.

Perhaps the solution lies in a coordinated effort, local, state and federal representatives in a non-political effort that results in West Virginia becoming the last place destination and who knows, maybe our PA pals will finally get the message?

Gregory Baldt



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