Some legacy

To the Editor,

Germany left a legacy,

Auschwitz and the symbolic Anne Frank.

There was a Cambodian

in Pol Pot’s tyranny.

Surely a Rwandan Sih

When Hutus massacred Tutsis.

A Gabrielle Maria in Bosnia,

Kosovo’s Christian Stefan

and surely an Iris Cheng

in the rape of Naking.

Their pain was great,

but no one heard their cries,

of maybe we heard

and closed our eyes.

But of all these atrocities

there’s one greater yet.

It stands before

a Christian nation.

The courts did approve

the right to choose.

by 3,000, 100,000,000 dead.

What a legacy we left

A legion of dead.

They never left the womb

No names, no brains, no dreams, no graves.

Some cried out

to save their lives.

We never heard them.

We closed our lives.

Steve Kopa



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