Liberals turn to emotion over logic

To the Editor,

“Liberals never understand that what they’re doing is wrong, or doesn’t work; they just think they haven’t been allowed to do enough of it, yet.” — Jim Quinn

California is on fire, in the dark, has the largest homeless and illegal populations in America and has people defecating in the streets. Gas is $6 a gallon; milk, $5 a gallon; bread $3 a loaf; and its taxes are among the highest in the country. Areas of the state are rapidly becoming a virtual third world country, right here in the U.S.

Many Californians who spent decades putting liberal Democrats and their idiotic, myopic policies in place — creating these tragicomic circumstances — don’t like living with the consequences of their actions. So, they leave, moving to states that don’t have such high taxes and moronic polices. However, once there, they start voting for the same kinds of liberal politicians and stupid polices that made them leave California. This is because liberals never learn. Ever.

Some say that it’s not that they never learn, but that the situation results from some nefarious plan to destabilize the country. I can agree with that, but I have trouble believing that all liberals and Democrats are maliciously, knowingly complicit in undermining America.

I do believe, however, that there’s a cabal of globalist elites, the upper echelons of world power brokers and government, who want that. They find it very easy, manipulating certain people who too often think with their hearts instead of their minds. In a word: Liberals. Emotion over logic.

Sorely lacking objectivity, liberals often can’t see much beyond what’s right in front of them, making them easily manipulated. Most diehard liberals utterly believe the anti-American propaganda they’re spoon-fed by those shadowy, power-hungry elites, and honestly believe they’re acting correctly.

Who are these shadowy elites? Some might be wealthy world leaders and powerful politicians who visited the island owned by Jeffery Epstein — who didn’t kill himself. After all, no one’s being punished; the story’s all but disappeared.

These people have more money than anyone could ever need. When a certain level of wealth is accomplished, money is no longer the aphrodisiac, or narcotic, it once was. Power becomes the drug of choice. Once you get into those upper echelons, there’s no right or left; no ideological parties — it’s just about power. Control.

Modern liberalism always has had contempt for traditional American values because liberalism favors the power of the state over the individual. Americanism is all about individual liberty, the exact opposite of what elites want. Traditional America, then, must go.

How would they do it?

Well, with climate change rhetoric and proposed concessions, I truly believe there are people who will not be happy until we’re living in a world like “The Hunger Games,” with the vast majority living a 19th century lifestyle in the boondocks, toiling only to serve our elite betters — who would be living in high-tech luxury, in areas where we wouldn’t be permitted. Power; control.

Rob Denham



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