U.S. now a rudderless ship

To the Editor,

There is a rudderless ship in the world today, and it’s called the United States of America.

President Trump’s eccentric behavior cannot continue to be shielded as that’s Trump being Trump.

He has vowed on several occasions to take the oil in the Middle East. Coming from the president, how does that affect the soldier who is willing to sacrifice his or her life to promote democracy and freedom throughout the world?

Have we, under Trump, now become an army of mercenaries that, eventually, will take oil, silver and gold?

Trump’s public impeachment inquiry — the fourth in our nation’s history — is a sign there is something wrong in America. This impeachment inquiry is not about stains on an intern’s dress by a president who humbled himself.

This inquiry is about status being put on the heart and soul of America and what we stand for as Americans.

Steve Kopa



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