Resistance is just beginning

To the Editor,

Transgender women — biological males who “identify” as female — are being allowed to compete in women’s sports, in which they usually dominate. This is due, naturally, to their frequently larger size and greater muscle and bone density, often giving them advantageous strength and endurance. As males, these athletes likely weren’t strong enough to compete against other men. As “females” however, well, they apparently have no sense of shame, fairness or dignity. Where are the crazed, bitter, man-hating Feminazis on this issue? These are biological men, after all, crashing women’s sports, unfairly destroying their female competition.

The political left, which feminism unfailingly supports, blindly champions LGBT rights — even, apparently, unto the detriment of their own specific ideologies. Hypocrites.

Five years after “normalizing” gay marriage, men identifying as women use ladies’ rooms and compete in women’s sports; people change the sex of their children, supposedly at the request of the children themselves — who, being children, obviously know what’s best. The sexualization of children — the corruption of innocence, really — has been a goal of the liberal left for decades. To this end, garish drag queens in full, often frightening, regalia, read to small children in public libraries. Frequently, the reading materials are chosen with an eye toward advancing LGBT agendas — “Billy has Two Daddies,” etc. Physical interaction is often encouraged, between the children and the adult participants, some of whom have later been identified as convicted pedophiles. Preteen drag queens perform in gay bars, for money. Gay Pride parades, where semi-naked people, mostly gay men, publicly frolic and openly simulate sex acts under the benevolent eye of the authorities, are commonplace.

LGBT propaganda is crowbarred into virtually everything, regardless of suitability; characters and plotlines are inserted into entertainment, just because.

Long-established, and even beloved, fictional characters suddenly “become” gay, obeying the new orthodoxy, pushing the agenda. For example, one modern iteration of Sherlock Holmes, and Albus Dumbledore of “Harry Potter” fame, have both become “retrofitted” homosexual characters. Agent 007 will no longer be James Bond, but rather, a black, lesbian woman — the “woke” trifecta. “Misgendering” someone is now a thing. Not using their “preferred pronouns,” even accidentally, has gotten people fired, expelled from school and, in Britain, even arrested and imprisoned.

We are required to willingly accept these inanities and perversions, though. We mustn’t question the LGBT fascists, lest we risk personal and professional destruction, accused of “homophobia” and “transphobia.” Or bigotry. The gay community comprises less than 5 percent of the world population; transgenders, a vanishingly small hundredths of 1 percent. We’re changing our perceptions of gender, sex, even our language, to accommodate this vast minority. Beyond simple virtue signaling, though, why? Thankfully, however public libraries across America are canceling their drag queen events, as parents finally assert themselves, angrily contesting this blatant, manipulative subversion of their children. Movies and TV shows, needlessly pushing woke sociopolitical agendas, regularly bomb. Blame bigotry, if you like — resistance to this nonsense is beginning.

Merry Christmas.

Rob Denham