The fall of America?

To the Editor,

Yes, it’s true. It is all Hillary Clinton’s fault.

If the Democratic Party had not chosen to try and elect the first woman president in American history, Donald John Trump would still be selling real estate.

Let’s hope the president that was not to be is not the chosen one by some deceitful deity to bring America to its knees while posing as our savior.

What might the president under pressure of impeachment do? Referring to the FBI as scum is not a good start.

With all yes-men in his cabinet complying with his every whim, are we safe?

Sanctions: Making poor countries in our hemishphere — Cuba — the latest poorer is a sign of hostility, not diplomacy.

The Middle East is a death trap for America, yet the president sends Secretary of State Mike Pompeo there to drum up a war with Iran, costing trillions of dollars and many deaths.

The fall of Rome. Three of several reasons that brought Rome to its knees — overexpansion and military overspending, government corruption and the loss of traditional values.

Does it sound familiar? Welcome to Trump’s world.

Steve Kopa