Watching our history

To the Editor,

Cal Thomas’ column, 11-19-19, “Forgetting our own history.”

The problem with teaching America’s history? Up until the 1950s, everyone was teaching the mythical history of America. “Who chopped down the cherry tree?”

The Civil War, Andersonville, Sherman’s March to the Sea. We have had some no-no’s in our history that people do not want to talk about, racism is number one. That’s why we quit teaching it. Even Sean Hannity admits we have had our dire moments.

Vietnam, Nov. 1, 1955, April 30, 1975, 20 years.

History is being made right now in our involvement in the Middle East and how we play our hand in it is going to be very unpleasant with President Trump’s bravado. “I have nuclear weapons. I have built a great army. Look out Iran.”

Steve Kopa



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