Constitution is clear

To the Editor,

I hear too many supposedly constitutionalists giving the president a blank check on his rights.

There are no ifs, buts or maybes in the Constitution. It’s written what the founders decreed as law.

Yet today the Alan Dershowitz’s in the judiciary try to imply what the Jeffersons were thinking. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, what the founders thought is in writing.

One cannot hint even with a Freudian slip for a foreign country to interfere in our country’s elections.

I argue Trump’s impeachment is legitimate and if not convicted, but acquitted, the Constitution is breached and the thought we are a nation that rules by law will result in rule by the lawless.

If another rogue president is elected, he might crown himself president for life.

Will the Republican Senate impeach the president? No. Should he be impeached? Yes.

There is something wrong in Washington, and it’s spelled Trump.

Steve Kopa