Crisis in the church has been addressed

To the Editor,

I don’t know who writes the daily editorial for The Weirton Daily Times, but I take issue with the one written on January 3, 2020. The writer claims “The church’s sexual abuse crisis is not going away until Roman Catholic leaders get serious about cleaning it up” and two, “In terms of rebuilding trust with those of the faith….”

I am sorry, but the church does not have a sexual abuse crisis today. That was addressed with policies and safeguards put in place 20 years ago. What we have today is a trickle of allegations no more than the public school system that is dealt with immediately and expeditiously. What the church has, in reality, is an enormous moral and legal liability from the aftermath of the abomination that is bankrupting many dioceses and crippling the charitable endeavors the church traditionally sponsors.

In addition, how is it the editorial writer thinks he or she is qualified to speak for those, “of the faith?” I attend mass at two local parishes and although the previous moral bankruptcy of the few (relatively speaking out of the hundreds of thousands of priests) was shocking and saddening that blazed a devastating swath of moral destruction through the institution, no one who practices their faith has expressed to me a crisis of faith because of it; our faith and therefore our trust is in God not the institution or the humanity of our priests. The Sacraments come through them, not from them.

When the self-righteous were standing around with rocks in hand ready to murder the “adulteress”, it is significant Jesus did not say, “He who is without the sin of adultery cast the first stone”, but rather “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Why? Because given the right environment and circumstances, we could be the adulterer, or the murderer, or the embezzler, or the … exposed in our shame seeking Mercy.

Blaise Hogan



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