Prepare to see consequences

To the Editor,

Recently, I learned that Sen. Joe Manchin is undecided on the matter of impeachment of President Trump. While this may appear to be leadership by many, I find it a bit disturbing. I have contacted Manchin on a number of matters to learn of his opinion but have always been told he is undecided.

During the Senate trial, I listened to professor Alan Dershowitz, who spoke eloquently and thoroughly about the debate of the Founding Fathers in adopting the impeachment inclusion in our Constitution. As he told the House managers, “You have chosen the wrong articles to present for impeachment.”

The Constitution is clear: bribery, treason and high crimes and misdemeanors. They brought articles which do not contain the commission of a crime. As such, there is no case for impeachment.

Senators should immediately close the trial and dismiss the articles as contrary to our Constitution. No doubt a number of senators will vote along party lines and others will vote to impeach out fear of their constituents. However this, as Dershowitz pointed out, will violate the intention of our founders and jeopardize the future government of the United States. Eventually there will be a Democrat president and a Republican Congress. If you accept the present thinking (Maxine Watters: “Impeachment is about whatever Congress says it is.”) and reject the warnings of the founders, there will be endless impeachments of future presidents.

The Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, assembled the greatest nation in the history of the world. They were cautious in preparing our framework. Concentration of power in any branch of government was anathema to them. If you feel the current assemblage of lawmakers is of superior intellect, then by all means pursue impeachment. If you believe these lawmakers have the wisdom superior to the voters who will go to the polls and vote in nine months, by all means impeach.

The Founders thought they had contained the impeachment monster like the genie confined in a bottle. It is said that those who don’t learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the errors of the past. I implore the senators to stand out by standing up and stop this trial brought on by unhealthy partisanship and hatred of the man in the Oval Office. At most, he will be gone in a few short years. If the present exercise becomes the norm, we will all suffer the consequences.

Linda Wickstrom