Trump has another option

To the Editor,

If Donald J. Trump wins a second term, we the people deserve whatever kind of discombobulated government we get.

When asked, Ben Franklin replied, “We are leaving you a republic, if you can hold it.”

Trump’s version of his presidency is “I did it my way.” Forever to be remembered as my way or the highway.

Some of the Republican senators are acting like they are being held hostage and in fear of their life for not backing all of his ridiculous, implausible actions and ideas.

Climate is a hoax. What is so hard to understand? As long as I have been around the top half of the hemisphere is cold, the bottom half hot.

The problem the top half is getting warmer. The ice caps are melting at a faster pace.

There are very thin margins in science; 32 degrees is freezing. Below ice stays solid, above it melts. If the oceans keep rising, the planet is in trouble.

The capitalist fund managers are trying to keep the Dow up to make Trump look good. No matter who is elected, there will be a correction that might cause another world depression. It will be too late to ask what’s in your wallet.

If the rich haven’t been taking advantage of the poor down through the ages, who could dream up stories like Robin Hood and his Merry Men? Take from the rich and give to the poor.

A.G. Barr has given President Trump a hint at what is coming. From one of his top supports.

“Quit tweeting. You’re making it hard for me to do my job.” As your inner circle dwindles, you have a choice: continue down this path of defiance, or resign.

It’s best for you and your family if you can make the best deal of your life. The Justice Department drops all pending charges — Deutsche Bank, taxes and business dealings — and future charges and you’re off to Mar-A-Lago permanently.

Steve Kopa