A chance to reverse our priorities

To the Editor,

The first Commandment says, “I am the Lord your God, thou shall not have false gods before me.” God is talking about false gods or idols being substituted for and therefore taking the place of our authentic God — our Creator and Father.

The first three Commandments are about our relationship with God while the last seven are about our relationship with each other. That would indicate our relationship with God is first in importance. That makes sense when Jesus summed up the entire Law with the Great Commandment of, “Love God with your whole heart, mind, and soul and your neighbor as yourself.” We get glimpses of such love when we are most Graced. We receive that when we strive to follow the Great Commandment while prodding along in our daily lives doing our best in the circumstances that present themselves. And we become acutely aware of God’s Grace when we confront circumstances we recognize we are powerless over and have the wisdom to seek God’s intervention.

There are many times in life I have received this Grace; some were very profound while most others were little miracles recognized instantly but faded in hindsight. That is our humanity; we soon forget the miraculous in our lives. We tend to love God with our whole heart and entire being when our lives are on the line: The doctor says you have stage four cancer, there is no cure, we can only buy time; or you are on a boat in the middle of the night on a narrowed river and run into an ambush, your weapon jams and you can do nothing but realize how close you are to instant death; or you are going under the knife for a serious operation; or you have capsized in rapids that are know killers and are being sucked down for the second time. In those circumstances, our false gods evaporate. When we are in peril, we instantly learn how to desire God with our whole hearts, minds, and souls!

There are visionaries and locutionist all around the earth who deliver messages from God the Father, God the Son Jesus, and the Blessed Mother, Mary for mankind today. The most notable are the Croation visionaries from Medjogorie of old Yugoslavia, now known as Bosnia Herzegovina. Mother Mary has been communicating messages to these six villagers for the world since they were children — for nearly 40 years now! In many other places, to a lesser known degree, messages are being delivered through dozens of others.

It should be obvious today we have many idols and false gods: Rock groups, Hollywood celebrities, sports teams, wealth, our life styles, materialism, egos, careers, entertainment, our successes; you name it and we pretty much invest too much of our time into it and not enough into our relationship with our Creator and Father!

I believe with the Corona Virus we are being given, yet, another opportunity to reverse our priorities and honestly seek God in Justice, love, and Humility.

Blaise Hogan



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