Another reason Weirton’s special

To the Editor,

On Feb. 22 I witnessed the most beautiful thing in Weirton. May he rest in Peace and my condolences to Nick Cosenza’s family, for the recent passing of Nick. Sadly Nick Cosenza passed away on Feb. 16.

For those who are like me, and didn’t know Nick personally, I wish I would have known him. He must have been a remarkable person. His funeral procession sent chills up my spine and brought tears to my eyes. I have never seen such a beautiful motorcade to lay someone to rest.

I was at my place of business on Penco Road when I saw a Weirton police car, a fire truck and a sheriff’s deputy traveling slowly past. A friend notified me that Nick’s funeral procession was coming by on their way to St. Paul’s Cemetery.

I thought that was touching, but what I witnessed next was so powerful. A motorcade procession continued with many local and out-of- town, tow trucks, fire trucks, police crusiers, sheriff’s cruisers and ambulances. There were at least 50 ( I was told 80 ) or more trucks going by and, on one of Nick’s tow trucks, was his casket!.

Of course, they traveled up Cove Road to pass his place of business for the last time.

This truly is a wonderful testimony of a great man. It seemed the trucks would never stop coming. His company, Nick’s Towing, had friends from Chester, New Cumberland, Ohio, Follansbee, Wellsburg, Hannover — you name it.

I felt the need to express such a special thing with our wonderful town of Weirton.

Nick was special to many people are missing him, but it brings comfort to know by the motorcade just how much he was loved.

Noreen Saxon