Destroying our democracy

To the Editor,

President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial was acquitted, but he is not vindicated. Trump had his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani working behind the scenes with other government representatives to influence the new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to find dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, who announced last spring that he was running for president. In the meantime, Trump was holding up nearly $4 million in aid already approved by Congress for Ukraine to fight Russian invasion.

Trump associates said they were looking into corruption in Ukraine, pretending that this was a valid effort to look into corruption. They weren’t looking into any corruption until Biden announced his bid to run for president. This was obviously an attempt to cheat in the upcoming election. It is against our constitution for a U.S. president to seek influence of a foreign government to benefit an election.

When the impeachment inquiries were announced for the House of Representatives, I watched many hours of the hearings of the witnesses. They all testified to what was going on behind the scenes. For anyone who didn’t watch any of it, you can find the testimonies by doing a Google search if interested. These are some of the witnesses: Bill Taylor, George Kent, Dr. Fiona Hill, Gordon Sondland, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and more.

None of the Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to convict Trump of the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander said that the case was proven against Trump — what he did was inappropriate and wrong, but he’ll leave it up to the voters to decide. In the Senate, the only Republican to vote guilty was Mitt Romney. He said his vote was according to his promise before God to imply impartial justice and that the oath he took before God demanded it of him. He said more that was profound and it made me weep.

There are reasons why Republicans would not vote to convict Trump even if they believed what he did was wrong. Trump is vindictive and revengeful. All one has to do is watch the TV news and/or read newspapers regularly. If anyone criticizes him or crosses him, he will publicly punish and persecute persons. He will send out tweets to humiliate and degrade people. He’ll lash out in interviews with the press, on his favorite cable news channel and at his rallies. He will do whatever he can to punish people who disagree with him or who he doesn’t like.

The Republicans would have to vote to acquit Trump or he would severely persecute them and do all he could to destroy their careers and make sure they are not re-elected. Trump’s favorite news channel, Fox, enables and supports his corrupt and destructive behavior. They twist everything around in favor of him.

In all of U.S. history, Trump is the only president that we have had being dictator-like and is an authoritarian ruler. He is abusive! President Trump is destroying our democracy! God help our country.

Diane R. Bannister