Help those who defend

To the Editor,

A few weeks ago, a former boss of mine approached me and asked me to write about veterans who served our country. So…here goes it.

I served for a short time at the age of 19. Others served their time, and served it well.

As young men and women signed to do their duties for their country, it is a sense of pride to do so. Protecting our country from the forces of evil. Preventing any type of attack on our borders. To go beyond the call of your duty. To obey and protect.

And in this call to duty. A duty that sometimes is travelling to places that are full of surprises. The area that just might be where the enemy lies.

And in these instances, lives are sometimes lost within the travelling group. Or wounded. Or injured so badly that there needs to be a way for that soldier to be transported to the nearest hospital.

A tour of duty, it is so named. It could last for months. Or years. And when it does, usually takes a toll on a soldier. PTSD. I think it stands for Post Traumatic System Disorder. I’m not an expert at this, but I feel that it has something to do with the lapping over of the stress that was encountered while during a soldier’s time serving his country.

But I do know this. Those who served in the past, no matter what the situation, need to talk to someone when they are having trouble focusing. Veterans are dying every day. Some are even homeless. We need to stop ignoring our vets. Some are coming home missing limbs, disfigured, even injured from blasts. We need to help the vets. They helped our country from being safe. It’s now our time…to help them.

Kevin Neverly



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