President has to remain calm

To the Editor,

Every president has his moments; some good, some not so good. Responsible for both.

The travesty under the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Mistep after mistep, tweet after tweet, is starting to take its toll.

Trump is doing what he did best in running his business, filing bankruptcies, now bankrupting the American dream.

Cutting taxes, put tariffs on friend and foe, and intimidating the fed to reduce interest rates to zero has drawn the world into a recession and with all possibility a second world depression.

Hopefully COVID-19 is a wake-up call for the president and he starts to act like a president with some smarts, not smart alecky, with his taunts and threats.

Some medical pros say we haven’t had a variety like this in 100 years.

COVID-19 is just the bullpen variety. A warm up of what’s to come.

COVID-20 will be the closer coming next. Wash your hands and the elbow bump will not be enough to stop the big one.

With all our advanced scientific knowledge, it’s hard to believe a virus shut down the most advanced civilization in history. Mr. President, you’re the one person that has to stay calm. Don’t panic.

Steve Kopa



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