Stay dry and keep calm

To the Editor,

Thoughts from the wild side:

¯ “Nature Pharmacy,” Smithsonian, Jan.-Feb. 2020: Strains or streptomyces bacteria have been found in soil grown in a lab at Swansea University in Wales. They are so new to science they haven’t been named. But scientists are zeroing in on a powerful new antibiotic. If there is an antibiotic in waiting, there has to be a virus in hiding. Viruses are just looking for a nice, friendly body to hibernate in, and what do we do? We discover vaccines to kill them. They hide, get angry and stay dormant and, in due time, come back with a vengeance. The result — a pandemic.

¯ The Dow drops 1,000 points. The best advice from 401(k) managers — if you’re an investor, don’t look at your portfolio.

¯ One might think the coronavirus is bad news. Sorry folks, we haven’t seen anything yet.

¯ We are going from flu season to what the Great White Chief calls a hoax.

¯ Climate change, the wash-out season. According to the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” which was written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” As the oceans swell, the world will experience a catastrophic disruption in the supply chain of every vital necessity one needs to survive.

Hurricanes, flood, cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, typhoons, food shortages, starvation like the world has never seen, and what’s the most famous question in the financial world — “What’s in your wallet.”

Stay dry. Keep calm. Biden’s back.

Steve Kopa