They want us to panic

To the Editor,

I work in an elementary school. Last month, there was a period where fully one-fifth of our student body was out with the flu. Staff was getting sick. It was bad, and not much different, in schools around the country. Like any other virulent illness, flu infects schools, work places and wherever people gather. You can get it as easy 1-2-3, as my sainted mother used to say. It filters through the population, and it runs its course. Do we panic?

No. It’s cold and flu season — like Christmas, it comes every year.

But along comes COVID-19, the coronavirus.

Overall a comparatively mild cold virus, its deadlier effects are overwhelmingly limited to the very elderly and those with underlying health conditions affecting immunity.

Which explains the lockdown of San Francisco. Given all the HIV and immune-deficiency cases concentrated there, it could rage through, like the Black Death through Medieval Europe.

COVID-19 can cause severe pneumonia in such cases. But, so can any other cold virus, if not properly treated. So, why the panic?

Silly — it could spread through the population, just like the aforementioned colds and flu.

But hundreds of thousands could be infected. Millions.

They probably already are, or have been and kicked it, thinking it was a simple cold. That’s how mild it is, in relatively healthy people under 50. Even in older folks, generally healthy people get over it, like anything else.

It’s contagious.

Yes, very.

People have died.

Mostly in China — if we believe them. Also in aging, pensioner-population Europe, which, ever concerned about diversity, inclusion and political correctness — didn’t restrict travel with afflicted regions, or with each other. There are those open borders.

President Trump quickly did though — and was, naturally, harshly criticized as being racist and anti-immigrant.

Some pundits now admit, grudgingly, that his quick actions may indeed have lessened potential impact.

Whenever media propagandists use the term deadly virus, I cringe. It’s shameless, media-driven fearmongering. Period.

To date, according to the CDC website, around 196,000 cases exist, worldwide, and mortality remains below 10,000.

Yet, WHO absurdly declared a pandemic. We needlessly grind everyday life to a halt for weeks, purposely demolishing the roaring economy.

As with any contagion, minimize contact and spread, observe normal conditions and don’t panic. Don’t fight over toilet paper.

The only people truly worried are those already prone to hopelessness and pessimistic cynicism — generally liberals. Democrats and progressives. Everyone else takes it in stride. Myself, I’m not concerned about a cold that since December has affected fewer than 250,000 people out of 7 billion — with a 98 percent recovery rate, barring old age and poor health. It jumps to more than 99 percent when those are factored in. Not exactly the Bubonic Plague.

Too many businesses and politicians are either believing the hype or supporting it. Why? Easy: Get Trump. Nothing else has worked.

Wash your hands and use sanitizer.

And don’t worry — because that’s what they want you to do.

Rob Denham



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