Too much spending

To the Editor,

In 2016, the Hancock County Commission offered the nonprofit, which had operated the animal shelter for 20 years, a total of $188,000 to operate the county animal shelter consisting of $88,000 from the “County General Account” and $100,000 from the “Shelter Excess Levy”.

Since taking over operation of the county shelter, the Hancock County Commissioners have approved over $1,100,000 in additional shelter expenses. Again, the $1,100,000 is additional taxpayer dollars spent beyond the original $188,000 annual budget the Commission offered the nonprofit to operate the shelter! During this time, other Ohio Valley counties had outsourced all or part of their county animal shelter operations to nonprofits while Hancock County did the opposite.

The Commission provided operating budgets between $500,000 to $573,000 over the past three years. Despite the huge budget increases, the Shelter Director overspent her budget by close to $200,000 during the past two year period ending 2019.

It is the responsibility of Commissioner Barnabei, Commissioner Davis, and Commissioner Cowey to ensure your tax dollars are wisely spent. So why do they approve huge budgets then allow the Shelter Director to overspend? Have you ever heard a commissioner question any expense before approving a shelter expense?

Based on the lack of financial oversight being exercised at the Animal Shelter, one has to question if the Commission is doing what is in the best interest of the county taxpayers or the county shelter animals because despite all the money being spent at the shelter, the animal death-rate at the shelter has doubled since the county takeover.

Rudy Rosnick



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