Don’t live in fear

To the Editor,

There are two go-to “media doctors” in America: the good Doctors Oz and Drew.

When this lockdown started in early March, both of them were frequently on TV, being asked their opinions by the solemn-faced talk show yakkers.

Dr. Oz was applauding the lockdown, saying how terrible and dangerous COVID-19 is. Dr. Drew, conversely, was giving reasons as to why it was all totally unnecessary, and saying COVID-19 wasn’t much worse than a bad cold for many, indeed most, people. Also, that it had likely been here for months, already, as many other doctors have said.

Dr. Oz is still seen…Dr. Drew has vanished. I personally haven’t seen him, probably since the middle of March.

One of my chief complaints in this is the marginalization and exclusion of medical personnel who don’t toe that media line. Those who have more optimistic views, and serious questions about the way things are transpiring. There is no oppositional discussion or information allowed. It’s almost like someone, somewhere wants only one side of the story to be told.

When these people do dare to express their opinions say, on social media, they get savaged; viciously scorned by people who don’t seem to want to hear sunnier sentiments.

This simply has to be the apocalypse the mainstream media wants it to be…like global warming.

When we find that the news used pictures from a chaotic, overflowing ER in Italy, telling us it’s in New York City; when it’s revealed that literally any deaths right now, regardless, are being tallied as COVID-19 deaths; when we find that any deaths where COVID-19 is present, even without symptoms, are being counted as COVID-19 victims; when we find that thousands of people are added to COVID-19 tallies, without even having been tested; when we find that growing numbers of those tested already carry COVID-19 antibodies–and so, yes, have already had it, thinking it a common cold….is it really shocking, when people wonder about the truth of what they’re being told, much less the overall severity?

We’ve let government decide who and what is “essential,” and can continue making a living. Municipalities around the country are apparently attempting to suspend the Constitution, suppressing the right to assemble and worship, even when services are held outdoors, attendees in their cars. No police or agent of government — at any level — should be able to reprimand anyone, for this.

This is advice we’ve heard for our entire lives:

Don’t go around elderly people, if you have or are just getting over a cold or flu. You could infect them, and potentially kill them.

What’s different, here? Well, you could be infectious for weeks before showing symptoms.

True. You could infect grandma even before you know you’re sick.

Or, before all this…grandma could’ve gone to Wal-Mart, picked up the wrong can of beans, and gotten deathly sick from someone else, entirely. This is no different. Life is risk.

Too many people seem to want to live in fear and despair. We can’t continue like this.

Rob Denham



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