Electric cars aren’t the answer

To the Editor,

The April 5 letter written by Steve Kopa had some good points, but I think he missed some, too (“An invisible enemy”)

He wants cuts in the use of fossil fuel. Coal use, though, is at an all-time low; power plants are closed; and enough new, natural gas-fired power plants are not online to have a big impact.

The sky from Pittsburgh along the Ohio River to the Mississippi used to be black with smoke, but now is as clear as it can be. So, where is the pollution? I’m sure the writer has no electric wires to his house and has solar power and a wind turbine.

Battery-powered cars are not the answer. The rare earth materials used to make the batteries come from where? China. They have the biggest deposits and we are dependent on them again.

There are questions about water pollution. Fracking water is miles underground, but landfills are filled with millions of batteries that you and I throw away every day — heavy metals have been found in water from a closed dump in Steubenville.

What are we to do with the 3,000- or 4,000-pound batteries that are used in these cars?

It has been said that the United States would fall without a shot being fired. Do you think the same countries are behind this? Help from Russia and China can make this statement succeed.

The Earth has lasted through the ice ages, meteor strikes, tsunamis, the dust bowls in the Midwestern states, hundreds of nuclear tests, atomic power plant meld-downs, volcanic eruptions which release more toxic gas in an hour than all of the fossil fuel-powered cars do in a year.

When was the last time you had a cold cup or glass of water and not used a single-use plastic bottle that will never go away?

James Johnson



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