Let’s shine for our seniors

To the Editor,

To the Weir High School Class of 2020 and especially our senior athletes:

As we left school over a month ago, I put three words on the whiteboard in the team locker room — “Adapt, Adopt, Adjust”. This was advice given to me by a coach/mentor many years ago. It is no longer a slogan but a reality for all of us as we live through this pandemic. We are all living in a yet to be written 20th Century History textbook chapter. As parents you will be telling your children about the “Pandemic of 2020” and telling them about the life changes that occurred because of it. This is a life lesson for you that all of us face at different times in our lives. Life is not fair but we have to move forward. This is your challenge as you graduate.

As I write this letter, I can assure you from the WVDE through your central office, administration and faculty that everyone wants you to have prom, graduation and all the activities and memories that we all have shared. You may not get the results as quick as you may like but that is the world in which we are all living. It is important for all of us to understand the value of patience in a changing world.

As a class you will probably not be able to have senior recognition, a morning which while long, is a tradition that should never change. Sebastian will not have the opportunity to break many of his own records in Charleston this May. “EJ” and Brodie will not be able to execute a hit and run. “Soph” will not be able to go 4-4 and throw out two runners. The list could go on and on for all of our spring athletes and their coaches who have worked hours to get the chance to participate.

Winston Churchill stated “Never waste a good crisis”. So Weirton let’s go. “Shine for WV Seniors 2020” is on May 1, 2020 at 8:30 p.m. Let’s light up the town in honor of the Class of 2020.

Mike Granato

Teacher/Coach, Weir High School


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