Survival of the fittest

To the Editor,

This is President Donald J. Trump’s day in history.

Spanish Flu: By the summer of 1919, the flu pandemic came to an end. How? Those that were infected either died or developed immunity. Answer, survival of the fittest.

COVID-19: With no vaccine available, I am not going to try and explain it, but if you get it, you might not get it again.

Social distancing: It’s been used throughout history, but for the president and pundits to credit the public on how well the public is cooperating is a little over the top. Sorry, no one volunteered for self isolation. Everything is closed by government order. There is nowhere to go.

Mr. President, if you open things up in dribbles and things are nice and calm with sanctions on the public’s behavior, you’re wasting your time.

Go all out come May. Ball parks, casinos and people’s choice to gather.

The original problem, the world and America were overwhelmed by COVID-19. Not enough hospital beds and equipment to handle the pandemic.

You want to test your command, you have three months before school starts. What are you going to do, try to teach one through 12 social distancing, and if we go there it’s a whole new world.

The virus may play possum during the summer months, but will be back in December. Be prepared everybody. Go to work. If you have a temperature, go home with pay. Another round of indecision and we are up a creek without a paddle.

Steve Kopa



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