A warning shot

To the Editor,

The coronavirus has done more damage to the soul of every human than a nuclear bomb being dropped on every city in the world.

This pandemic has threatened 7 billion people on earth, not one nation was spared.

With the rules of survival social distancing being the new normal for the future, washing hands, wearing masks and sheltering in place is the worst punishment anyone can impose on any human.

COVID-19 has sent the world reeling. The message, it must be a multiculture world, one that incorporates ideas and beliefs or people from many different countries and cultural background will not participate.

My way of the highway will not work well by excluding other nations’ interests in any nature-made catastrophe.

Seven billion people worldwide were attacked by an unknown virus until the death toll kept escalating. Dubbed COVID-19, it’s just like all the other viruses out there waiting to come along.

It might be wise to be prepared for the next big one. Mother Nature corrects everything humans screw up.

If humans do not take care of the planet with loving care with all the digging and poking we do to it, the planet is going to retaliate.

Coronavirus is a warning shot. Behave humans or you will be replaced by the dinosaur.

Steve Kopa



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