Biden not up to the task

To the Editor,

In February, Trump asked for funding to fight COVID-19; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignored him, flooring instead a frivolous bill, banning flavored tobaccos. She later, naturally, accused him of not taking COVID-19 seriously enough.

As Americans suffered financially under this pointless lockdown, as if the Coronavirus stimulus bill wasn’t typically “porky” enough, Pelosi stalled, tacking on more pork and payoffs, for Democrat cronies, and illegals. Millions of that was rolled over, into “donations” (wink) from those cronies, to the DNC.

These people don’t even bother anymore, to hide their corruption, treason, and disdain for Americans.

Elements of our government are clearly using this “pandemic crisis” to rework the American system into a heavily-regulated, top-down model of Statism. Will we let them?

The 1980s: the media laughingly dismissed Ronald Reagan for his age, endlessly portraying him as a doddering, failing old man.

2020: the media, desperate to keep his campaign propped up, stoically downplays Joe Biden’s stumbling, stuttering, irrational responses and disorientation — and now, sexual assault allegations.

Reagan was 76 when he left office; Biden is 77.

I actually pity Joe Biden, though.

It’s absolutely shameful, what the Democrats are doing to that poor, deteriorating old man. He’s clearly not up to the pressures he’s under, but neither his physical and mental health, nor his dignity, seem to be any consideration. If he makes it to November without serious medical issues, it’ll be a miracle. Nobody, apparently, has his back. Not even his loving wife.

But, good old Joe is the perfect Democrat candidate, for right now.

The deeply corrupt, Socialist-lite party establishment is besieged by insurgencies from the more hardcore Socialists: Bernie Sanders and supporters, youngsters Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad”, and Tulsi Gabbard — most of whom are corrupt, themselves. Besides corruption, the only thing both sides share is their scathing contempt for traditional Americanism and its values.

Gabbard, while ideologically misguided, isn’t as bad as the others. Yet, Hillary and the DNC quite adroitly ended her candidacy.

It’s joyous, really, watching the Democrats so bitterly claw into each other. It’s just so, well, traditionally Republican, a thing.

Old uncle Joe would be perfect; no ambitions, ideas or policies of his own. A figurehead, for the cameras and for whatever shadowy figures would really be making the decisions. He’d be everything the screeching left said Bush was to Cheney, Trump to Bannon. And less.

But it’s okay; it’s them doing it, now. That’s different.

Biden’s televised speeches would probably be “deep-faked” as much as possible; in his advancing dementia and instability, there’d be no way he could be trusted to look and act “presidential”.

Just shut up and do as you’re told, Joe. Smile and wave. Sign this. Here’s your Jello and juice box. All this, so the Democrat “old guard” can maintain power a little bit longer.

Anybody who votes for Biden would be voting — mindlessly lockstep — for that “D”; nothing more. I truly don’t know how any decent, honest — and intellectually-honest — patriotic Americans can still call themselves Democrats.

Rob Denham



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