COVID-19 prayers needed

To the Editor,

I believe in science. The health and safety guidelines established by the doctors advising President Trump recommended good practices to thwart the spread of the coronavirus. In our area, we are lucky to have minimal cases of COVID-19.

I greatly appreciate local businesses that have made arrangements to establish many safety measures for us shoppers and patrons. That is a lot of extra work for essential workers to do. Also there was much extra work in keeping the businesses re-stocked with products. I greatly appreciate all the extra work the various essential workers have done to keep us safe and work that helps us maintain our daily lives.

Some weeks ago, I ran into some situations of concern while shopping. I was keeping my distance from a lady near me. Her little girl, about age 5, wandered by right next to me with the mother unaware. The girl opened her mouth wide and coughed. It’s better to leave children at home or with a sitter when they can’t understand social distancing and not to be coughing or sneezing without covering the mouth. I also encountered some people who forgot about social distancing. I’m glad that various businesses put markers on the floor and barriers for the distancing. I feel more protected that way.

There are some situations I heard of in which some people didn’t take the virus more seriously or were not concerned with the general public’s welfare. A pastor in Virginia, who did not take the virus seriously, was the first one in the state to pass away from the virus. Pastors in some states still held church services against health guidelines. This was reckless and dangerous, potentially exposing many people to the virus and passing it on to others in the public.

A friend of mine from France and I have been talking by e-mail more since March about what’s going on. She told me in March that even though they had stay-at-home orders, an evangelical church in one city held services during one week and 2,000 people were infected with the virus as a result. (It must have been a mega church.) I wonder how many other people they then infected and caused serious harm and suffering, even death.

It was reported last week that a lady in North Carolina, who was recently leading public protests against “lockdown,” has contracted COVID-19 and has to be in quarantine. I saw video clips of the protestors from the different states, many without face masks and in close proximity to each other. This is terribly foolish and reckless. It was Trump, who on the weekend of April 17, went against national safety guidelines calling upon people to liberate states, which appeared to mean release people from the “lockdowns.” Consequently, large groups of people in various states have been protesting since then.

We need many people to pray continuously to dissolve us from this devastating virus. May God send special healing grace on our nation and the world.

Diane R. Bannister



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