Draconian measures don’t help

To the Editor,

What I am about to write may seem a little inhumane, but has happened throughout history to save humanity from war, disease and other catastrophic events.

Just think what it has taken to make America the greatest nation in civilization.

Lincoln, some say the greatest president of all, commanded an army that sacrificed 600,000 lives to save the union.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, WWII, Iwo Jima, 7,000 Marines dead, another 20,000 wounded and the Great Depression.

Resilience. We have recovered from too many difficulties to surrender our way of life to a virus.

Whatever it takes, preferably a vaccine. If not, let’s go back to everyday life like before COVID-19 and let freedom ring.

Draconian safety measures like social distancing, wearing masks and not shaking hands are not working. To have a lockdown for the public as strict as being in prison and people are still dying. It’s unsustainable, and Trump knows it. Save the republic. If the virus comes back in December, we are going to have to let it ride until we develop immunity.

But the tears shed to save it will be heroic.

Viva America.

Vote red, white and blue signs.

Mike White, a patriot, for magistrate.

Steve Kopa



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