Gittings right choice for sheriff

To the Editor,

During the past year in which I’ve come to know Scott Gittings, I’ve recognized merits in Scott befitting a man seeking the office of sheriff of Hancock County. As such, Gittings is a quiet, unassuming devoted family man with superb qualities needed of a sheriff. A large man physically, Gittings projects an air of equanimity and a quiet confidence needed for a demanding position in our county.

Moreover, Gittings is well-suited for the task. As a deputy in the Hancock County Sheriff Department task force, and as a chief of police, he eminently qualifies for the task which lies ahead. His complete resume is found at www.gittingsforsheriff.com

I urge Hancock County voters in the forthcoming June 9 primary to cast their ballot for Scott Gittings. His wealth of 40 years of experience in law enforcement speaks for itself.

Gail Wickstrom



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