Thoughts about COVID-19

To the Editor,

In the 1973 movie “Papillon, a true story that starred Steve McQueen, convict Henri Chamere — Papillon — on one of his many escapes from prison stumbles upon a leper colony. One leper offers Papillon a puff on his cigar. Papillon accepts, and the leper asks, “Did you know i had leprosy?” and Papillon said “I did not.”

When one would rather be dead than alive, when mental or physical pressure is applied to get result, someone is going to get hurt.

Social distancing, washing your hands, avoiding shaking hands, avoiding touching one’s face and wearing masks — before the pandemic, if one met people who would not shake your hand they certainly would have been diagnosed as being strange, eccentric or a weirdo.

If the new normal is to teach children not to shake hands and to use social distancing, what will the future look like — a paranoid, schizophrenic, unrelenting, mistrusting and suspicious society. Under normal conditions, these are psychological red flags to one’s sanity.

Why is President Donald Trump hell-bent on deregulating all of the good regulations previous administrations had put into law to protect the environment? COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system. Climate change and pollution will kill millions.

There are some oddities surrounding the COVID-19 presidential briefings that are spiraling out of control.

Trump has his base, always Trumpers, who are praising his dribble of words from calling climate change a hoax to under his presidency an empty barrel is worth more than a full barrel of crude oil. Love him or leave him, right now the world is swimming in an ocean of poo-poo and the United States of America is right in the middle of it.

Rescue the oil companies — gimme a break. This is the greatest scam of the coronavirus –to create an oil glut while some small gas companies and ethanol refineries are shutting down. It will not be long before gasoline costs $6 a gallon. There is trouble mounting.

Testing for body temperature is a great idea. All it takes is a little hand toy they run across your forehead. Tracing — Sean Hannity on Fox News, where are you tracing the wave of the new wave of the deep state. It will not stop with COVID-19. They mention hot spots with COVID-19. I wonder, could it be where legal sales of marijuana have boomed? Just a clue –smoking and inhaling attacks the respiratory system.

Is it really the virus? Is COVID-19 really such a beautiful and colorful virus in a perfect circle, or a private sector gimmick to produce the pandemic broach of 2020. Let’s not forget.

Steve Kopa



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