Time for you to choose

To the Editor,

I have heard of a man who, after working all his life and saving every dime he could, was ready at long last to build his dream house.

Now there are three gentlemen offering to build it to his specifications at a most reasonable price. Each of them claims they will erect a home he would be proud of owning.

The first, we’ll call him “Mr. A”, states he is the right man for the job. But has he ever built a house before? “Got a four-year college degree in construction,” he replies. A college degree–wow. But wait a minute, how much “hands-on” experience does he have? He belongs to a number of organizations and is quite a popular fellow. As a bonus, he proclaims “I would defend the owner’s right to keep a gun in his new home.”

The second man, we’ll call him “Mr. B”, claims to have some 27 years of experience in construction. Coaches football, basketball and track and even taught school for a while. Wonder if he is a lumberjack, airline pilot, sea captain or simply one who likes to dabble in a variety of interests. He’s spent, perhaps, 10 years in the building trades and states that he also will protect the owner’s right to have a gun in his house once it is finished. He declares he is a good Republican and therefore must like Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.

The third man, we’ll call him “Mr. C”, has 40 years of experience in construction. He is known for his quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. He’s a pleasant fellow–speaks with authority, competence and conviction. You can easily ascertain he’ll do the job without excuses or platitudes. He doesn’t have to state that the owner could keep a gun in the house; he knows the owner won’t give it up anyway. He’ll concentrate on the building and the owner will defend his own 2nd amendment right. His house will be the perfect dream house and it will be built by a man who has the necessary life experience to do a great job.

If you had to make such a choice, which man would you choose? You have a chance to tell everyone on primary election day, June 9.

Linda Wickstrom



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