Trump immoral and idiotic

To the Editor,

And here we go, since President Donald Trump is so fond of giving nicknames I intend to write this letter using various nicknames for him.

Throughout “Dumb Corleone’s” campaign and three years into his term, he has proven himself to be immoral and idiotic.

Here, for your perusal, are some examples: Trump University, fraud, a $25 million settlement, shut down; stealing from veterans’ charities, a $2 million fine; self-dealing “theft” from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital; asking for and accepting help from Russia in his political campaign; and no fewer than six of his personal advisers and employees have been convicted of crimes against our country.

All of that was not only immoral, it also was idiotic.

Most recently “Benedict Donald” has been so reluctant to admit that the coronavirus was a big problem and that he downplayed its magnitude, wasting valuable time and resources for purely political motives. In my estimation, this caused the deaths of thousands of people.

Even more recently “Don Corona” was touting the use of kydroxychoroquine as a therapy or cure for the virus. Studies have, so far, shown it to be ineffective and, in fact, dangerous.

Just last week, “Impotus” was suggesting to Dr. Deborah Birx the use of ultraviolet light inside of your body and, even dumber, injecting or inhaling or ingesting disinfectant. Birx had a look on her face that screamed, “Don’t pick me.” In her reply, she muttered something about heat and a fever being good. Not a treatment.

In the proverbial end, you supporters of “Mango Mussolini” are left with two choices: Admit that he is stupid or drink the Clorox and swallow a light bulb.

Bob Atkinson



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