A leader with no clue

To the Editor,

Donald J. Trump is the president of the United States and his actions and words are those of a spoiled child who would not be allowed out of the house in fear of what he might say to embarrass the family, yet his handlers let him out to embarrass America to the world.

Racism: Martin Luther King Jr. brought the race issue a long way with peaceful protests, but the murder of George Floyd is a sign we have a long way to go.

Leaders without a clue as to what to do do not help in the healing process.

Little things cause big things to happen, some of which are very dangerous. A little microscopic virus escapes a lab in Luwan, China, and shuts down the world, causing 7 million deaths.

Floyd passes a phoney $20 bill, gets arrested and then is taken to the ground with an officer’s knee pressed to his neck begging for mercy and dies at the scene. The aftermath of the event is seen by millions, and the cry for Black Lives Matter resonates throughout most American cities and spreads throughout the world.

And what does Trump, who cannot put two paragraphs together do? He tweets from the dark, deep, recesses of his mind, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” putting Times Square in the crosshairs. It’s reminiscent of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Let’s hope and pray his next tweet isn’t “bombs away.”

Steve Kopa



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