Save the store

To the Editor,

What a sad day when the news was heard about the closing of our downtown Kroger.

This store has been a go-to for over six decades, and because it is splotched with red ink, down it goes.

I’m sure not every store in this conglomerate can pull their own weight, but there should be more to it than that. Please don’t tell me that Kroger is losing money across the whole chain of holdings, if anything I would bet sales have soared since the pandemic struck.

The folks that work there are warriors and should be commended for jeopardizing their own health and welfare to serve the public, but, what do they get instead…a place in the line for unemployment.

This store is especially important to us on Marland Heights. Nowhere to go up here for an everyday necessity because the only viable place for that shuttered its doors for whatever reason years ago. The population downtown will also be hard hit. We have to go all the way to Weirton Heights for a loaf of bread now? No thanks.

This store has heart, this store has selfless employees who are a part of the community. The powers to be are failing to recognize the value this institution brings to downtown Weirton and, instead, have tunnel vision straight to the bottom line.

This store has memories seeping through the walls of all the hard workers, friends and neighbors who have walked through the doors. This store has a soul, we can’t let the ship sail without a fight. Let them know you care about the job they’re doing and contact Kroger to save our store.

Tracy Solomon DiBacco



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