A lasting impression

To the Editor,

There are times in our life that we run into folks that influence us. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, emergency workers, warehouse workers, industry folk…and all other work aspects that as children, or when we grow older, influence us to choose what we want to make out of our lifestyle.

Then…there are teachers. They mentor, educate, influence, coach, and set you on the right path of learning.

I have learned from many teachers. Every one of them steered me to the right direction. Even though I tried to rebel, my teachers stayed with me in good and bad times.

This brings me to talk about one of those teachers. Melvin Coleman. A teacher. A scolar. A family man. A coach. A friend. Folks like this don’t come around too often. We sometines take teachers for granted. On Mister Coleman, who passed away recently, he was one of the many who pushed me onward.

I am so grateful to have known him. And he… Like other teachers have taught me so much. And I am so thankful. Thank you, Melvin Coleman. And thank you teachers for what you do. Passing on education to others. You are not forgotten.

Kevin Neverly



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