A nation in chaos

To the Editor,

At first it was a protest over the execution of a black man by a white policeman. That horrifying scene was played over and over on American television. Have black Americans been hurt through the years; of course, there can be no denial.

The “protests”, however, have now become out of control. Burning police cars, looting, ransacking businesses, desecrating monuments have gone on night after night. Many involved are indoctrinated white college kids who couldn’t find Indiana on a map. The cause they hope to reform is being painted over by a senseless mob bent on destruction and chaos. They make demands inimical to well-being of the public at large.

Black families have been herded into major city housing projects in neighborhoods controlled by gangs involved with alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling and theft. Who is responsible for this foul state of disorder? Why, it’s the Democrat party who says “we care about you, we will protect you from Republicans who would make slaves of you and burn down your churches.”

Say what? It was the Republican party formed to end slavery. Southern Democrats brought on the civil War with the hope of keeping blacks in slavery. Through Lincoln, Grant and Sherman the country was saved and slavery banished. The Democrats were at a loss; no slavery and old Abe Lincoln was making freedom for all permanent, or so he thought. The Democrats were always known for their slickery — mounted their horses with riders wearing hooded white robes — started shooting and lynching blacks they considered too “uppity.” These were the Democrats who were replaced by blacks in southern political spheres after the war. Solution: KKK. If they could keep blacks in their place it would be like the golden days.

So blacks have been lied to, tricked and betrayed by the Democrats. Yet, today, blacks are convinced to give 93 percent of their votes to the party which would have kept them slaves in the Confederate States of America. Today DEMs have enslaved blacks by giving them free housing and doling out food stamps and welfare checks, but in the process, have killed incentive. You must vote correctly or the Republicans will come after you and take your stuff away. Joe Biden claims he has the black vote in his pocket. If you don’t vote for me, you aint black.

Why continue to deliver this block vote to the Democrat? Contrast that with white folks who seldom vote en masse for a candidate. Many decades have passed and your grandchildren still suffer as much as their parents did. Democrats have failed to help you by just handing out freebies. Try voting for the Republican candidate for a change. Haven’t you tasted the bitter fruit of Democrat leadership long enough?

As Abraham Lincoln told the freed slaves of Richmond: God has given you your freedom; the test will be that if you can keep it. Collecting a government check does not grant freedom.

Linda Wickstrom



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