Pittsburgh influence?

To the Editor,

Does this appear in the Pittsburgh media? “This” being the national piece on one of the most disorganized cities in the country.

I know this is a one-party town so why not elect competent Democrat leaders?

From the disastrous economic policy of the civic arena decision creating a tax taking burdened future versus developing a major economic boom policy benefiting all. And let’s not forget the excessive tax and regulations of city businesses to the mindless bike lane on a major thoroughfare. Then there is my favorite, the illegal invader issue where they flock to West Virginia because of the cost of living issues.

A chat with local law enforcement will stop you in your tracks with the depth of this evolving crisis.

No matter your political affiliation, may I suggest the good people of the Steel City need a little push to the center of common sense as many of their extreme policies will affect the Northern Panhandle.

Gregory Baldt



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