The big bang boom

To the Editor,

Okay. Catchy title for my little tidbit.

But as you folks are reading this, its the 4th of July. The celebration of this nation. The rockets red glare. The bombs bursting in the air. Moms apple pie. Hot dogs. Cookouts. Family and freinds get together.

But there will be those who work different shifts. Some hauling goods on the road, in the air or sea. Or even by train. The police, fire, and ems. And all the others who put their time in.

We thank them.

We thank those who sacrifice their time to do things that make our lives better.

We tip our hat to those who partol our countries boarders.

We extend our hands to the brave soldiers that fought for our freedom.

We are grateful…for all of you.

As we celebrate this 4th of July, let us all remember those who are special to us.

Because even if they arent there, we are special to them.

Kevin Neverly



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