Voting is the solution

To the Editor,

Donald J. Trump’s presidency has been worse than watching a horror movie.

Presidents speak when they have something to say. Trump speaks when he has nonsense to say, saying it with a serious face, his jibber-jabber is filled with intense feelings of fear, shock and disgust.

Be careful, Mr. President. Your list of friends do not last too long. If China’s Xi Jinping caused the coronavirus, wrecking America’s economy, maybe Russia’s Putin’s vaccine without the proper established protocol in testing will put the finishing touches to your chump change economy and your presidency.

All of a sudden, there is a shortage of coins. Some businesses plead to donate one’s change to some charity.

One cannot get one’s mail on time, creating a health crisis with late delivered prescriptions for the veterans and the elderly.

Something diabolical is showing its head in your leadership.

Deregulating everything that had Obama’s name on it is sort of babyish.

Protecting the environment is essential to a healthy lifestyle for the human race. Food and safe drinking water shortages of the future will haunt your legacy for not doing enough.

Too much bickering about petty and trivial matters.

Squandering the wealth of the nation for tax cuts for the rich is endangering Social Security and Medicare. An appropriate word for such action, tyranny.

Solution, don’t forget to vote.

Steve Kopa



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