Area lucky to have Weld

To the Editor,

We are lucky to have a Veteran, Senator Ryan Weld, serving in Charleston.

He is up for reelection on Nov 3 and we need to keep him in office.

He was commissioned into the Air Force Reserve in 2005 and spent a number of years serving on active duty both at home and around the world. Just before coming back to West Virginia in 2011, Ryan spent over a year away from home serving as the staff intelligence officer to a joint Army-Air Force team in southeastern Afghanistan. He knows what it means to serve.

Because of that, as the Majority Whip in the Senate and the chairman of its Military Committee, Ryan has been the strongest advocate our veterans have in the Legislature. In his first term, Ryan has introduced a significant number of pieces of legislation that have gone on to become law that support our state’s active duty members and veterans:

¯ All veterans are exempt from paying fees to the state to open a business, thanks to Ryan

¯ Ryan’s legislation made it a crime to misrepresent yourself as a member of the military to obtain a benefit — what veterans call “stolen valor.”

¯ Thanks to Ryan, West Virginians can now support our state veterans’ cemetery, or our state veterans’ nursing facility, by being able to contribute to them directly through our DMV renewals and income tax refunds.

¯ Ryan reestablished the Military Service Members Court program — meaning that veterans in our criminal courts who suffer from a service-connected issue may have a second chance through rehabilitation instead of incarceration.

¯ Ryan’s legislation created a statewide system to help find missing veterans who may pose a risk to themselves because of a service-related injury.

Veterans should be thrilled to have someone who understand the issues that veterans have faced — and continue to face once they no longer wear the uniform.

His opponent in this election has not served one day in the military. His major long term contribution to our area is the massive number of signs he puts up when seeking election.

Brig. Gen. John C. “Doc” Bahnsen. Jr.,

US Army (retired)

New Cumberland


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