GOP picking up steam

To the Editor,

The Sept. 19 “Trump Train” road rally sponsored by the Hancock County Republican Committee was a success. The final count I got was 115 vehicles, but we picked up quite a few more, along the way, so perhaps about 130.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to come out, decorate your vehicle, and support our embattled President.

The Weirton Police Department, though unable to provide an escort, graciously blocked traffic for us at several intersections. Brooke County came through with a car blocking Route 2 to let us pass.

It was a beautiful day, perfect weather, and everyone was just happy to be a part of it. We lost many participants, separated, by the end, but that’s what happens; especially when lacking a police escort.

Turning onto Main Street, we passed right by the Hancock County Democratic HQ. I wish I could say I’d planned it that way, but I didn’t know it was there. Gee, but I sincerely hope somebody was inside!

These Trump Trains have become a nationwide phenomenon. Jefferson County GOP has held one nearly every weekend, and they keep growing. I was in the first one, in August, with about 80 or so vehicles participating.

Heck, Old “Sniffin’ Joe” Biden can barely get that many people to attend his own, in-person rallies, let alone wider-support, grassroots events like this. I’m told that the last Jefferson GOP Trump Train consisted of well over 300 vehicles.

People, awakened to what’s at stake in this election, are getting involved. Ongoing riots in Democrat-run areas, violence and threats, and four years of endless, pointless, expensive attacks on Trump, have opened a lot of people’s eyes.

Also, the catastrophically vast, almost totally unnecessary overreaction — by deeply-embedded, anti-Trump bureaucratic weasels, and the mainstream media that support them — to a relatively minor epidemic. Remember “two weeks to flatten the curve”? That was six months ago. This was supposed to totally overwhelm our healthcare system, no matter what we did.

Well, it didn’t; not even in the bigger cities. The mass graves and Army truck convoys laden with body bags haven’t exactly been evident, and people have noticed.

A booming economy wrecked, lives and livelihoods ruined, just so desperate Democrats and their “Never Trump” RINO allies could try one more pathetic scheme to blame and derail Donald Trump. Thousands of small businesses have closed permanently; people have been unable — or too frightened by the hysteria — to get out to their medical professionals, and are otherwise suffering. People have committed suicide, over this…and it’s still going on.

All the ridiculous precautions have become irritating, conflicting, illogical, and expensive, inconveniences.

The weasels have overplayed their hand, this time.

The suffering caused in the name of fighting the scourge has become worse than the scourge, itself.

When will We, the People say “enough”?

Trump 2020.

Rob Denham



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