Nineteen years later

To the Editor,

Shanksville Pennsylvania. A quiet town nestled in Somerset County. Shanksville. A town of about 500 people who work at their local areas of employment,and enjoy each others company.

Shanksville. Surrounded by farms and neighboring communities.

Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxing. Friendly.

But on the morning of September 11, 2001, the town of Shanksville, and the surrounding communities would be devastated.

A commercial airliner with a flight crew of four, and passengers of 36, was preparing to head towards the west coast.

Unknown to all, four other passengers that were on this flight, took over the flight of this plane. These four individuals were Islamic terrorists.

As the plane was headed towards Cleveland Ohio, the terrorists wearing red scarfs burst into the planes cockpit.

As this was taking place, the two other terrorists forced the passengers to the rear of the plane. The passengers began to panic.

As the plane was turning around, the passengers began calling friends and family members about their turmoil.

Saying their goodbyes. Wishing for the best. Praying with others.

One person talked to a 911 dispatcher.

A stewardess talked to her supervisor.

Her supervisor relayed the call to the proper authorities.

As the plane was headed towards Washington D.C., one of the passengers was talking to his wife. She told him that not only were the World Trade Towers in New York attacked, but also the Pentagon.

As the other passengers were informed of the situation, another passenger, Todd Beamer,began to work out a plan. The plan was to attack the two terrorists that were blocking entrance to the planes cockpit.

As the other passengers and stewardess agreed to help, Todd Beamer said:” Okay, let’s roll.” And the group attacked the two terrorists guarding the entrance to the cockpit.

Bursting through the cockpit door, the passengers began to fight with the other two terrorists to gain control of the airplane. It was at this moment that the terrorists pointed the plane towards the ground in a nose dive angle.

The plane crashed into the ground, in an excess of 563 miles an hour. The plane formed a crevice that was 15 feet deep, and 30 feet wide. There were no survivors. A few pieces of the plane were found, along with the fight recording box.

A memorial has been built for those who perished. Open year round, the memorial symbolizes those folks who gave their lives for this country. God bless them all.

Kevin Neverly



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