Our city has lost its vision

To the Editor,

It saddens me that our Weirton officials have lost their vision of what the city looked like a few years ago.

Starting from downtown at the auto body shop, up to Three Springs Drive, the weeds are now higher than the guardrails, and vines are overgrowing the power lines to the point where the Hancock sign is not visible.

The medium area looks the worst ever!

As you drive by the lumber company and look to the left, trees are hanging over rails and garbage is along the road.

It’s time to start putting people to work. Don’t blame it on COVID where roads and sewers can be fixed and weeds and trees can’t be trimmed. Why not?

Two months ago, I personally tried getting three burned out street lights fixed on the bridge downtown across from the Arcelor building, and all I get are empty promises. Now four lights are burned out off the exit from U.S. 22 coming onto Three Springs Drive. No luck there either.

It’s time we hold these officials accountable for this mess! Step up and vote these people out!

Richard Budney Sr.



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