Reasons to vote for Biden

To the Editor,

Major events have perhaps turned the tide for Joe Biden. What would his chance of winning in November be were it not for the China virus and the “peaceful demonstrations” on behalf of Black Lives Matter, initiated by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman in Minneapolis? Practically nil.

It would appear Biden’s path to the White House is providentially ordained. Never mind the pre-COVID booming economy, tax cuts, the defeat of ISIS, significantly securing our southern border and the restoration of manufacturing jobs from China to the United States, all wrought by Trump’s hands. Forget that stuff. Blame the virus and the riots in our cities on Trump.

Let’s focus on Biden’s attributes. Suburban women gush how they feel comfortable in his soothing presence. The younger set proclaims free college for everyone if Biden wins. When asked who will pay for this, they chirp “billionaires, of course.”

Then there is the likability factor. “I can’t stand the way Trump talks,” country club Republicans proclaim. They’d rather hear boring drones such as Bush senior and Bush junior make nice talk, however devoid of substance, and it makes no difference whether promises are kept or not. Remember “no new taxes, read my lips,” and “I’m going to privatize Social Security.” They’d rather listen to the piscine John Kasick hyperventilate.

“Biden makes me feel safe, he’s got such a nice smile,” his supporters say. True enough, Old Joe always smiles and his small eyes glow with benevolence. But let’s take a closer look at this old, shriveling white prune. An exposed plagiarist and a man of numerous gaffes, he said “750 million people in this country have COVID-19, and 150 million women have lost jobs.” Maybe he knows the true numbers but is just playing the role of “That’s Old Joe” to make himself more likable. If so, Joe, may I assure you that your attempt at flippancy goes over like a turd in the punch bowl. “C’mon man, give us a break.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, if before the running of the Preakness, jockeys demand the playing of the “Equine Pastoral Anthem,” and have their trained horses then kneel while the “Star-Spangled Banner” is played. Get more votes for Biden?

Unlike President Donald Trump, Biden flip-flops on positions depending on what his media sycophants or his pollsters or Bernie Sanders are telling him. Take fracking for instance. After initially coming out against fossil fuels, Biden recently told a small gathering in Pennsylvania he’s for fracking.

Just think. No more fossil fuels, lots of green energy, curtailed gun ownership and every blessed beggar under the sun crossing our southern border coming here to get free money, lodging and health care. If you want this, you gotta vote for Joe Biden.

Gail Wickstrom



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