Some thoughts about the world

To the Editor,

A few random observations:

There is something eerie going on in the world. Strange and frightening things are happening on Donald Trump’s watch.

What’s the game scientists are playing? With no vaccine for SARS-related influenza, which causes viral respiratory illness, and renaming it COVID-19, which has the same symptoms. SARS — what have we been doing since 2003 to find a vaccine for SARS?

One of Trump’s biggest blunders is being gullible enough to sit with Bob Woodward taping the conversation for his book. What did he sit for with the Russians in his hay day? What might they have on him? Trump’s reputation — he was a wheeler-dealer, evil schemer.

Something strange is happening in the Middle East and even stranger — Israel’s Netanyahu is anticipating the expulsion of Palestinians in the plains.

On Monday morning’s edition of “Fox and Friends” President Trump said that if he wins the election Iran will be pleading with him for mercy on a bended knee in one month. He forgets that he used the same rhetoric when talking about North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, saying things like we“fell in love” at a campaign rally. Kim still has the nuclear bomb.

Steve Kopa



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