Barrett will prevent mischief

To the Editor,

What does it matter? Justices form their own opinions once on the Supreme Court. Some liberals lean to the conservative and some conservatives tend to be more liberal. Chief Justice John Roberts, anyone?

I know there is plenty of foot stomping (ever notice Chuck Schumer’s shoes?) or faces twisting grotesquely out of shape? (the honorable lady Dianne Feinstein from California.) Par for the course from them. The real threat to our republic (oh yes, we are not a democracy — look it up) is, however, from the voter on election day.

Will he be seduced by constant blaring of untruthful ads pounding away throughout the day? The facts: Trump brought back business from overseas, began closing the southern border, stood tall when questioned about fracking, stopped China’s using us as a candy store and provided supplies and a hospital ship when the virus proliferated in New York.

Will enough votes be stolen; did enough of our dearly departed vote from the grave; have they fixed enough votes to carry a close election; will trays, baskets and mail bags be found in the back seat of a car two weeks later, containing just enough additional votes to send the election day winner to the dung heap of history?

We just can’t seem to protect the vote–the Russians are coming. A solution: Why not have everyone show up at the polling places and present proper ID? It’s easy enough when you go to the bank, going to Sam’s Club or Costco’s; how about your favorite gambling spot or driver’s license bureau? You even show your ID to get into the pool on a hot summer’s day.

Poor people can’t afford to pay for an ID? Hogwash. Provide them gratis and forthwith demolish another Democrat diversion.

We are becoming so unworthy of our great gifts that have been bestowed upon us by our creator that I watch for great thunderbolts to come crashing through our darkened clouds. Hmm, maybe we did get a little taste of it with the California wildfires. I am sorry for those who have lost their possessions, and more agonizingly, their lives. It is a tragic loss for us all.

Global warming, the liberal contends–we got to believe the science. We must all think alike. Maybe we need some common sense first. How about selective logging, thereby establishing break lines against fire when Mother Nature decides to take her course? Can this California conflagration open our eyes to what we are permitting to be done to our great nation?

The patriot will hear the call and be ready to defend against an evil waiting to destroy us. As a first measure, we can expect the best from Amy Coney Barrett to prevent mischief and uphold our Constitution. She will interpret according to our Founding Father’s views. Schumer is but an unfecund acorn when compared to the giant, graceful oak, Thomas Jefferson.

Linda Wickstrom



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