Blood on our hands

To the Editor,

As Americans and Christians, I feel we have a very important responsibility, and that is to vote. It also is a privilege when living in a free country.

It is necessary to know the platform behind the candidate. While it would be beneficial to have a person with the perfect personality, you are not voting for him or her — you are voting for the platform.

The most important issue of this campaign is the voice of the unborn being heard –or not heard. Abortion started out being only during the first weeks of pregnancy because of a health issue of the mother. It has escalated now to even nine months, or after, by choice of the mother just because.

How is this not murder? We thought the sacrificing of babies on the altars to idols was barbaric — what’s the difference? We have allowed this to happen by voting for a person because they are good looking or have great charisma and we do not consider the platform.

When I stand before almighty God –and we all will — I do not want the blood of those precious babies on my hands when he asks me what I did to help the cries of the unborn. What about you?

Norma Rowland

New Cumberland


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