Does anyone care?

To the Editor,

After finally getting my internet connection back and periodic power loss and begging for some street lights to be repaired, I have come to a conclusion. we have no one in our town who cares about the citizens.

At least once a month power goes out on Marland Heights for five minutes and I have to reset everything in my home. It looks like nobody can fix these issues. With power loss we get no internet service, again resetting everything.

Then after numerous attempts and empty promises to fix downtown street lights, plus those off exits coming into Weirton that we have leaders with blind eyes. If state roads are being fixed and people working outside everyplace, why can’t simple light bulbs be changed?

It comes down to no leadership in our town and our voices are being ignored.

It’s safe outside to walk, ride a bike, cut grass then it should be OK to get people to work and get these repairs done. Stop the excuses.

I am guessing our city officials will wait until there’s three inches of snow on the roads to get these repairs done!

Richard Budney Sr.



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