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To the Editor,

World Diabetes Day is on Nov. 14.

One of the conditions that puts you at increased risk to get COVID 19 is diabetes.

In West Virginia, more than one in eight adults (13%) have diabetes and one in four don’t know they’re diabetic. This is considered to be of epidemic proportions. West Virginia has the second highest rate of adult diabetes in the nation according to the CDC.

There are several different types of diabetes. My comments focus on Type 2.

Type 2 diabetes is preventable and can be reversed. Prevention involves losing weight; healthy eating; being active. To manage Type 2 diabetes you need to work with your health care provider and test your blood glucose regularly, along with, following the preventative measures previously mentioned.

Diabetes is one of Lions Clubs International’s “5 Global Causes,” those areas that clubs focus on for service activities and public education. Local Lions Clubs (there are several up and down the Ohio River) offer a variety of diabetes related programs and assistance for their communities.

Contact your local Lions Club for more information on diabetes or our other global causes of childhood cancer, vision, environment and hunger.

Be safe!

Bernice Pitcock

President, Weirton Lions Club


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