Points to consider while voting

To the Editor,

Don’t believe President Donald Trump’s claims that there will be massive cheating in the upcoming election. Only people who are “registered” voters can vote. He claims cheating will occur with mail-in-ballots. For people requesting those ballots, only one ballot is sent per person. It’s the Republicans who have been doing everything to suppress voters. Such as in Texas, the GOP governor had many ballot boxes removed and left one per city. And Republicans set up fake “official” drop boxes. There is more….

Trump is putting people’s lives in danger with his public comments. Often criticizing Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, his comments had an influence that resulted in a group of men who plotted to kidnap, torture her and worse. Fortunately, they were found out and arrested recently. When Trump had a rally in Michigan last weekend, he allowed his crowd to chant “lock her up” referring to Gov. Whitmer. He did nothing to dissuade them. He is callous, uncompassionate, uncaring, reckless and cruel. These kinds of gestures can result in more threats against her.

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently spoke out publicly objecting that Trump used him in campaign ads when Fauci didn’t give his permission. He said his words were taken out of context and it appeared that it was an endorsement of Trump. Fauci said he is not political and all these years, he never announces endorsement of any candidate. Trump is known to be extremely revengeful. He punishes people who criticize him or who tell the truth. That behavior is characteristic of authoritarian leaders. Therefore, Trump has been publicly criticizing Fauci. Trump’s loyal supporters follow their leader. This resulted in Fauci and his family receiving death threats. And Fauci now requires a bodyguard. Trump doesn’t care who he hurts.

Trump lies all the time. It’s over 20,000 since becoming president. Trump’s lies about Joe Biden: he wants to defund the police, turn the country into socialism, take away people’s guns and raise taxes on everyone. The TRUTH: Biden always said to “fund” the police. He ran as a “moderate” and never promoted socialism. He’s not taking guns away. In order to fund essential programs, there will be taxes raised on incomes of over $400,000.

During this pandemic, Trump is trying to have the Affordable Care Act canceled by the Supreme Court in November to take away health insurance from over 22 million people. He doesn’t care about creating suffering for all those people.

Please consider the personal characteristics of Trump when voting. There are many Christians who vote on one issue only. I ask you to re-evaluate and if you cannot find it in yourself to vote for Joe Biden, consider the option to leave the line for president blank.

Because of Trump’s negative behavior patterns, many Republicans, including Christians, are supporting Biden. Please see what they have to say at www.rvat.org.

Biden promotes a path of hope, light and love, a chance to heal, unite and rebuild together.

Diane R. Bannister



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